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How to get Kar98 in PUBG mobile – Best place to find kar98 in PUBG mobile

How to get Kar98 in PUBG mobile – Have you ever got a chance to snipe with Kar98, of course if you are playing PUBG from some months you definitely have go this chance. Getting a Kar98 is te dream of every PUBG mobile player because it is a true beast so it is common question in everyone’s mind that How to get Kar98 in Pubg mobile.

How to get kar98 in pubg mobile
How to get kar98 in PUBG mobile

How to get Kar98 in PUBG mobile:

Its a dream of every PUBG player to have a kar98 in his/her match. Kar 98 is one of the rarest guns in the PUBG mobile and could only found in some places. Today I am going to tell you that how to get kar98 in Pubg mobile. Let’s get started.

Best places to find Kar 98 in PUBG mobile

You could only find Kar 98 in PUBG mobile in some of the given places. These Places will get you Kar98 easily.

#1 Georgepool

I have put the georgepool on no. position because you can get your Kar98 very easily over here because its one of the best place to loot in PUBG mobile and you could easily find kar98 here but beware this place is dangerous too as so many players land over here.

#2 Noveropnoye

This place is on second no. becuse it aso provides a good quality of loot and you could easily find kar98 over here also and solve your question in your mind that is How to get kar98 in PUBG mobile.
This place is also dangerous so beware of it too.

#3 Military base

If you are having the question of How to get Kar98 in PUBG mobile then you should definitely visit this place and get your kar98 you could also find some good scopes over here such 4x,6x. This place is not as dangerous as the above two.

#4 Bootcamp

This place is one of the dangerous place in PUBG mobile and you could easily find your kar98 here but can also die fast so i recommend you to leave this place after getting your kar98 in your hand.

#5 Castle

Caste is one o the latest place in PUBG mobile and its a good place to solve your question ” How to get kar98 in PUBG mobile”. You could visit there and get your kar98 and get the chicken dinner.


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